Modular embroidery machine concept VarioTech

Intention of the project is the conceptual formulation and development of a modular embroidery machine type. Material and structure diversity of technical embroideries of the second generation will be consolidated due to the technical process with the help of flexible adaptable function modules in a homogenous basis module. The separate modules and their product orientated technical connections base on mechatronical creation and function principles. This concept creates the premise for systematic and flexible machine configurations in relation to the product specific process complexity.

Potential possible applications for embroidery machine modules:

The embroidery companies of the alliance are the economic basis and the responsibles for a successful realization of such machine construction project. Whose returns of the marketing of technical embroideries of the first and second generation are determined for the innovation capability and for the investigation capital. Additionally to the conditions for a competitive capability, the alliance will produce the machine and process technical premises.